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Help Us Keep the Blog Lights On - We Promise We Won't Spend It on Coffee (Maybe)

Hey there, 


I hope this message finds you in high spirits and full of laughter, because I'm about to ask you for something. No, it's not your secret grandma's cookie recipe, although I wouldn't mind that either. Guess what? I've recently embarked on a wild adventure called blogging. It's like trying to tame a herd of wild ideas and wrangle them into coherent posts. 


I'm reaching out to ask for a small contribution- you set the amount- to keep this blog up and running. You see, my blog runs on two things: your love and a mysterious thing called "money". 

I've got  the love part covered (thanks to you!), but the money part... well, that's where I could use a little help. 

So, if you find my blog posts entertaining, thought-provoking, or even mildly amusing, I'd be over the moon if you could lend a hand. Think of it as tossing a few coins into the "Keep This Blogger Sane" jar. Your support will help me keep the creative juices flowing and ensure that my blog remains a source of laughter and inspiration. Thanks a million for considering this wild and wacky request!. 

And don't worry, we won't spend your hard-earned money on fancy lattes or extravagant office parties. We'll stick to instant coffee and party hats. 


Thank you for considering a contribution. Every little bit helps us keep the humor flowing!


Stay hilarious,


Maria Fay


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