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Hey there!


Looking to get in touch with me? Well, I've got the perfect way. Skip the outdated methods, forget about sending me a message in a bottle or hiring a carrier pigeon (although that would be pretty amusing).


Instead, let's keep it modern and simple. Just head over to my awesome blog, where you can find all the juicy details about me and my hilarious adventures. Yeah, it's that good.


So, for all your burning questions, witty remarks, or if you simply want to challenge me to a pun battle, drop me a comment or shoot me an email at Don't worry, I promise I won't put your email on any shady subscription lists – I'm not that cruel.


And hey, if you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even slide into my DMs on Twitter Just be prepared for some quick comebacks and sarcasm. It's kind of my thing.

Looking forward to hearing from you on my ridiculously entertaining blog – let's make it a conversation worth remembering!


Stay funny, stay fabulous!



Maria Fay

Messy Office Space
Different Facial Expressions

Click-Laugh-Survive:Your Daily dose of Work Anarchy from LeadZep


Hey there, Survivalists of the corporate jungle!

Enjoyed the tales of customer service calamities, management madness, and boss battles? Want more chaos? Of course, you do! Subscribing to LeadZep is easier than pleasing a disgruntled customer or convincing your boss that working from home doesn't mean 'extended lunch breaks'. C'mon, make the wittiest decision since deciding to join the corporate world. Remember life is less chaotic when there's LeadZep in your inbox. Fill form below, or we'll tell your boss you're thinking about a 'long vacation.' Just kidding...or are we?

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