Sales Lead Management Simplified

Lead Management: Get the info you need. Now.

Quickly see which leads you need to focus on by filtering by status. Share the load by assigning leads to other agents on your team, only they can see leads assigned to them.

Enter leads manually, or get up to speed by importing a CSV file. You can also hook up your website with our forms or API and feed leads right into your account.

Attach proposals, agreements, documents, sketches and other files. Add notes from email and phone conversations.

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Deal Management: Let’s Make a Deal

Link a deal to a contact so you can reference it later. Like leads, you can assign deals to other folks on your team.

Add and assign tasks to your deal to stay on track and on time. Provide everyone involved with a complete picture by adding notes and attaching files for your deal.

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Task Master: Getting Things Done

What’s better than a to do item? One that you can assign to someone else! Delegation is good. You can apply tasks to leads, contacts or deals. For whatever you need: appointments, meetings, phone calls, Zeppelin trips, you name it.

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API & Custom Integrations: Plug & Pilot

We have your basic CRM web-to-lead form functionality, but with our API, you can create tighter and more customized integrations with your company’s website. Coupled with our custom fields feature, you can pass any variety of data from your website’s lead gen and registration forms. Design the forms any way you like. Contact us about custom integration support!

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Docking API: You can see a lot from up here

By adding a little script to your website, you can track what pages your registered users are viewing and when. Be even more informed when talking to your customers and prospects by having a view of what pages they’ve visited on your website along with any other user data you’d like to pass thru.

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Autopilot: CRM Automation: Who’s your wingman?

Find yourself setting up the same tasks and reminders every time a new lead comes in or a new deal is set up? Well, let’s do it one more time, and then forget about it.

With our new Autopilot feature you can set up tasks, emails and even callbacks (coming soon) to be triggered when you add a lead or deal.

Ready, aim…automate!